Bar and Liquor Inventory App From Bar Patrol

Modern man holding touchpad

Inventory sucks.  No argument there. And a good inventory system will definitely make it easier so you can run your business more efficiently and profitable, but the problem is that bar and liquor inventory software is sprouting up all over the place, overrunning our industry like a legion of ants ...

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Bar Inventory in 15 Minutes, My Ass!


I have a standing challenge to any bar inventory software company who claims their app and software can count inventory in 15 minutes: Come do inventory for one of my clients and if you can do it in 15 minutes, I will give you $50,000. I’m not kidding. And not ...

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How to Spot a Fake ID

In this video, my good friend and security guard Tony shows us exactly how to spot a fake ID’s. He has collected literally hundreds of them. He could totally be part of the Mission Impossible team with Tom Cruise in some way that is unclear at the moment. Fake ID ...

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4 Steps to Setting Pars in Your Bar

In a previous article we talked about determining how much stock you should have on-hand using the 15% rule, and now we’re going to talk about how to set your pars to keep those levels right where they should be week after week so that you can free up capital and ...

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The 21 Laws of Owning and Running a Bar

To all of the owners and managers online who have been emailing me, you can stop pestering me now. It’s finished. You can buy on Amazon it by clicking HERE  and download it to the Kindle app for the price of a Grey Goose and tonic. But unlike vodka, this will save your ...

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