Bar management

You Bar Manager Sucks!

Many people may not know this about me, but I’m on a committee to pass a bill that requires bar managers to do “management ride-alongs” with other successful managers before they are allowed to get hired as a bar or restaurant manager.  Ok, I’m not really, I just made that up.  To be on a […]

Bar cost control

How Much Are Regulars Costing Your Bar?

One thing you should know about me: I love Panda Express. So much so that they should probably sponsor my website and give me a free Panda t-shirt, because I’m there all the time, to the point that it’s a bit embarrassing really. As I was standing in line yesterday waiting to order, the lady […]

How to Hire Servers

10 Must Ask Interview Questions For Hiring the Perfect Server or Bartender

Here’s a fact: In the past three years I have asked approximately 50 owners and managers what their #1 pain point is in running their business. I’d say 45 of those 50 stated that managing and motivating employees was their top pain-in-the-ass issue that they wish would just go away. If you are an owner […]

Bar and Liquor Inventory App

Bar and Liquor Inventory App From Bar Patrol

Inventory sucks.  No argument there. And a good inventory system will definitely make it easier so you can run your business more efficiently and profitable, but the problem is that bar and liquor inventory software is sprouting up all over the place, overrunning our industry like a legion of ants converging on a sticky counter […]

Bar Inventory

Why is Bar Inventory SO Important? 3 Hard Truths You Need to Look at

I know you really don’t want to open up and read this article, because if you find out just HOW important your bar inventory is, it means you won’t be able to ignore it anymore. And yes, you’ve been ignoring it. That lazy count you do once per month on your clipboard is having the […]

How to figure pour cost percentage

What is Pour Cost Percentage and How to Calculate it

For those of you new to this whole bar managing thing, or if you’re a bartender who keeps hearing, “Goddammit, the pour cost percentage is too high,” and you find yourself nodding and pretending to know what that means, I’m here to help. In fact, we’re not only going to go over how to figure […]

How to Set Your Pars

4 Steps to Setting Pars in Your Bar

In a previous article we talked about determining how much stock you should have on-hand using the 15% rule, and now we’re going to talk about how to set your pars to keep those levels right where they should be week after week so that you can free up capital and run lean numbers month after […]

Liquor Inventory Management

How to Determine Optimal Inventory Levels For Your Bar

Bar managers love their giant inventory. They must. Why else would they have $20,000 of inventory on-hand when they’re sales are only $60,000 per month? I assume it’s the variety. Like owning a stamp or coin collection. It’s fun to show off your array of rare whiskeys and Scotches to people who walk in, which […]

Liquor Cost Control

The Secret to Cost Control That Nobody is Practicing

If you’ve been in this industry for any amount of time, you have at least been exposed to an insane way of thinking that doesn’t exist in any other work force I’ve ever come across. This way of thinking has become so engrained over the years into the minds of owners and managers that it’s difficult […]