How Much Are Your Regulars Costing Your Bar?

One thing you should know about me: I love Panda Express. So much so that they should probably sponsor my website and give me a free Panda t-shirt, because I’m there all the time, to the point that it’s a bit embarrassing really. As I was standing in line yesterday ...

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“Drink Yourself” with the Robot that Pours Your Personality | The Creators Project


The problem with telling young children that they can do anything when they grow up is that they grow up to do dumb shit like invent a shot machine that pours you a drink based on your personality traits, except that they’re based on your personality traits from Facebook postings. ...

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The 10 Best Bar Promotions Ever

There are no two ways about it, the competition to gain customers and get them to give up their hard earned money is fierce among bars and restaurants. If you aren’t creative and think up ways to pull them in, you might as well pack your shit and close up ...

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10 Reasons Bartenders Hate Managers

poor manager pic

It is not secret that in order for a business to run smoothly the staff needs to work as a cohesive group, despite rank or status. Or maybe it is a secret, because it seems that I find more bars than not where managers and staff are bitching and whining ...

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What Should Your Pour Cost Percentage Be?

I hear the same thing from owners and managers everywhere I go: “My pour cost percentage is fine. Why would I need your system?” Simple, sir (or madam)…because you are blind to what is going on behind your bar. First of all, most owners have no idea if their pour ...

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