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I Want an Affordable
Inventory System

With Bar Patrol Inventory App, Bar Owners & Managers Cut Inventory Time In Half And Save $1,000’s Per Month, All For $1.63 Per Day.

I Want to Become A Bar
Inventory Auditor

If you’re in the bar/restaurant industry and you’re good with numbers, you can earn $100 – $150 per hour as a Bar Inventory Consultant.

I Want to Become
A Bartender

I Teach People With Absolutely No Experience How To Become A Bartender In 21 Days And Earn Up To $70,000 Per Year Living The Rock Star Life. Check out the course here.

Some of My Favorite Peeps…

“Dave knows more about the bar business than anyone I’ve ever met. He came in and put in new inventory and bookkeeping systems, trained my bartenders and reduced my costs, all in about a span of about 2 weeks. I’m seriously amazed at what he can do in a bar.”

Mike Banducci
Owner of Fieldhouse Sports Grill
Blackhawk, CA.

“I seriously can’t believe it! When I signed up for the bartending course I was a huge skeptic. I was thinking 21 days? No Way!
Now I’m Dave’s biggest fan and making $400 per shift at a nightclub in Miami and the only experience I had before was working at Starbuck’s making Frappuccinos.”

Gloria Freeman
Miami, FL

“I want to thank you Dave for saving my life. I had been looking for something different for a long time when you came along. Only 5 months after signing up (for Bar Consulting Secrets Master Course), I had 7 bars making over $80,000 and I was able to quit my job as a bar manager at night.”

Daniel Thomas
Bar Inventory Consultant
San Diego, CA