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So You Wanna be a Douchebag?

Insider Tips to the Art of Douchebaggery Part I I work in a place that attracts douchebags like water to a drain.  Somebody has to.  When you’re a douchebag, you either own it and drive a Corvette and go out night after night, hitting on other guys’ girlfriends and hi-fiving ...

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The 13 Most Common Lies Told in Bars

A few weeks ago I overheard a guy telling everyone within shouting earshot about his all night slumber party with two heavenly vixens. Unfortunately for him, I play a lot of poker and I immediately spotted his tell. It was a dead giveaway:  he was disgusting. And he had the ...

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The 10 Rules of Bar Etiquette

About ten times a year, during those special occasions we call “holidays”, a terrible mistake is made in which people who normally shuffle about their daily lives in prosaic, sober contentment, are foolishly allowed to venture out to drink and interact with people who take the boozing lifestyle seriously. It ...

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