50 Ways to Get Laid



If you’re a woman who has stumbled upon this posting, you may want to hit the BACK button and leave right now, otherwise I’m going to receive a flurry of irate emails based on your belief that I speak falsehoods.  Which is not NOT false.  Also, if you’re a woman looking up “How to get laid”, you are most certainly and definitely an odious troll, because the only effort it takes for a woman to get laid is to walk up to any guy in the bar and ask if he’d like to go home with her and he will immediately start acting like an excited retarded child who needs to be hugged to keep from hurting himself.

There, you’ve been warned.

Here are the facts:  Men’s single, isolated, exclusive, absolute, without a doubt, unrivaled reason for going out to a bar is to get laid.  And NOTHING ELSE.

Women also go to bars to get laid, but they lie to themselves and say that they are going out to have a good time with their girlfriends or that they want to meet a nice boy to date.  Bullshit.  You’re going out because you’re a whore, but social scrutiny and personal judgements from the people close to you do not allow you to act in the same way a man does, so you have to pretend you are doing something other than the obvious.

Here are some more facts.  Optimistic facts, if you’re a man:

75% of women prefer to have sex after drinking

60% regularly drink alcohol to help them build courage to have sex

45% of women were drunk during their first sexual experience

Hmmm…let’s pretend we’re helping Matlock solve a case and lay the evidence out in front of us so we can all unravel this mind-boggling mystery.  I’m going to go with my hunch and say that, based on the stats above, going to a bar, and not the grocery store or gym, will give you the best chance of bedding a woman by the end of the night.  Alcohol is the key to unlocking her legs from their prim and proper grip.

Below is your “Getting Laid” stratagem. Even guys whose lives consist of shoveling mac and cheese into their mouths while leaning over their sink can score with these fine pointers.  Print it out, take a picture, commit it to memory, eat the evidence, and then execute these genius tactics I am providing for you, free of charge.  Good luck, and don’t forget to credit me with your cock-blowing success.

1.  Listen – There’s a reason this is listed at #1.  It’s a woman’s most needed quality in a man.  Even if you don’t give a shit what she’s saying, listen.  Don’t just nod your head like a nob either.  Make a comment that shows you’re interested.  Girls love to be heard.

2.  Spend Money – Rarely will women screw a cheapskate.  Start plunking your loose change into your piggy bank.  Drinks ain’t cheap. And neither are girls.

3.  Comment on her attire, not her boobs – If you haven’t learned this one yet, it’s why you’re not getting laid.  Women like to be sexy, but they want a gradual approach and appreciate being courted before being ogled.

4.  Remember her name – Forgetting her name tells her that you were looking at her boobs when she introduced herself.  See above problem.

5.  Lie about what you do for a living (if it’s not good already) – If you think cheapness turns a woman off, tell her how you sell washing machines in the appliance department at Sears and watch how fast she scooches to the other side of the room.

6.  Make eye contact – Yes, I know this one is hard for most men, but you must hold the eyes steady.  Women want a strong, confident man, and looking at your shoes and mumbling something about your pet iguana does not project strong, confident man.

7.  Come prepared with some topics to talk about – Seeing as a guy’s primary spoken language is Stammering Idiot, you should do some online research about interesting and current topics going on in the world today.

8.  Don’t waste your time if it’s a no-go – This means have your radar on.  I can’t believe how many people are oblivious to the responses of those they are talking with.  If she’s being courteous but not engaging, tell her it was nice to meet her and move on.

9.  Test your approach – Pretend you’re a reporter for Playboy and you need to find out what her turn-ons are.  Does she like sweet and nice or do lewd comments make her hot?  Once you discover what she likes, turn on the charm…or misbehavior, whichever applies.

10.  Fill her with booze

Women out to get laid need some help.  I know you can’t see it, but she is screaming out, “Please get me drunk so I can gather the courage to have sex with you.”  Help her out, just not to the point where your entire night is spent holding her hair back while she unloads her stomach into the toilet.

11.  Fill yourself with booze – You look like you could use a little backbone yourself, lad.  Grab a Long Island and give your courage a shove forward.  Just don’t drink so much that your are spitting in her face and slurring old high school football stories.

12.  Come to her rescue – Where have all the heroes gone? (Sigh)  Anytime you see a guy in 5th gear douchebag mode and you can see her rolling her eyes, head over and ask if you can talk to her for a moment.  Pull her aside and then tell her secretly that you are just saving her from the tool blabbing her ear off.  She will appreciate it so much she might pull her panties off right there and hand them to you.

13.  Work out an after party – If you have a hot tub at your house, you can stop reading this article right now.  That should be your only strategy.  EVER.  Chicks love a hot tub.  They are able to hide their shyness and inhibitions under water, but never their horniness.  Hot tub water is like a wizard’s giant cauldron of horny potion and since it’s your party, you’re the wizard.

14.  Be unique and memorable – Please don’t use the same hackneyed lines and pick-ups (“Could you please tell your boobs to stop looking at my eyes?”).  Be a gentleman until it’s time to be a savage.

15.  Find a cougar – You could do a lot worse than head out with this game plan in mind.  Older women are very vulnerable and needy and looking hard to have their self-esteem boosted.  In case you’re a moron, the #1 rule with a cougar is to declare how young she looks and always guess her age 10 years younger than you actually think she is.  She will reward her little bunny by picking you up in her jowells and carrying you off to her den.

16.  Become friends with the bartender (but don’t abuse this power) – Actually, becoming friends with any and all of the staff makes you look like an insider and lets a girl know that if you have actual friends you must not be that creepy.  Just make sure you aren’t shouting out the bartender’s name and demanding drinks like you are the Sultan of Egypt.  Big no-no in bartender world.

17.  Get a game going and invite girls to join you.  Play some liar’s dice or 1-4-24 or some other drinking game. Games invoke the greatest of feelings and laughter and can instantly bond you to a girl with very little effort.

18.  Move around – Unless you are with friends, make sure you ciruculate often.  Whatever you do, don’t be Creepy Corner Man eyeballing girls like a priest eyeing little boys at a playground.  Keep moving.

19.  Be elusive, not needy – Even if you strike up a good conversation with a girl, moving around is still a good idea.  Tell her you’ll be back and then circulate.  Go to the bathroom, order a drink.  Talk to some of the boys.  This tells her you have other interests than simply stalking her.  Girls find elusiveness very attractive.

20.  Learn to Dance –

In the minds of women, bad dancers are bad fuckers. If you’re a bad dancer, only go out on the floor if it is packed and you can kind of just bounce off of people while holding your drink. If the dance floor is empty, fake a seizure if you have to.  It will be less humiliating.

21.  Dress stylish, but not like a douche – Your look should be casual nice, which means you took more time than it takes to grab something out of the dirty clothes hamper but less time than it takes to shop for Affliction and Ed Hardy t-shirts and to get your hair highlighted at the salon.

22.  Be in shape  That doesn’t mean you need to be a muscle-bound chode.  Fit and toned will do.  There is no such thing as chubby, only lazy.  If you aren’t in shape, start running fat ass.

23.  Have some balls – If you want your balls to be happy later, you’d better come out swinging them now.  Like I said, if you need a little help, grab a drink or two, but either way you’re going to have to take some action.  Striking out is fine.  Sitting in the dugout biting your nails = no boom boom.

24.  Love your mom – As long as you don’t do it in a wussy, mamma’s boy way, showing lover and devotion to your mother shows a soft, sensitive side that gets the juices flowing down below.

25.  Be funny – This is only a suggestion to those of you who are actually funny.  Use it to your advantage.  Women really do love a funny guy (as long as that’s not all he’s got).  If you’re not funny, be the suave guy or nice guy or bad boy, but don’t try to be funny when you’re not.  It’s just sad and embarrassing.

26.  Learn how to be confident – Unlike the funny thing, this can actually be learned.  As Don Quixote said: “To be a knight, one must act like a knight.”  Act like you know what you’re doing and no one will know the difference.  If it helps, pretend you’re James Bond or Jason Bourne or whoever gets you jazzed to be the guy who gets things done.

27.  Be persistent – Sales 101.  You must take rejection in stride, without any hurt feelings.  If you spoke with 20 women throughout the night, your chances are 100% better of getting laid than if you sat in the corner and spoke to zero women.  How bad do you want it?

28.  Have good breath – If you fuck this one up, that just makes me angry.  Perhaps you can’t be funny or even that good-looking, but for Christ’s sake, pop a Menthos in your mouth and give yourself a chance.

29.  Talk about music – When a good song comes on that you know, talk about it to a girl.  Girls love music and they love to dance.  Talk about the bands you like (and for the love of God, say you like the bands she likes, even if you don’t).  Maybe you can even suggest that you two go to a concert soon.

30.  Come up with an interesting story –

Perhaps you are specifically seeking a one night stand and you know that you will never be returning to this watering hole again.  Be daring and come up with an intriguing story that will get her all squirmy and flushed.  Something along the lines that you work with the secret service and you’re flying out to DC tomorrow because you just got assigned to protect the President.

31.  Look for girls who are looking around – These girls might as well be wearing a hat that says, “I am horny and looking for some confident man to come up and make me feel good about myself so that I can take him home and ride him until the sun crests the horizon.”  Although that would be a really big hat.  The point is, if they are engaged with their friends, you may never get them away.  If they are distracted, they are craving some excitement.

32.  Get in good with the friends – When men think of cock-blockers, they automatically think of their friends or another guy, but the biggest cock-blockers on the planet are a girl’s friends who will protect her like the government protects plutonium.  Make sure you engage them and they will immediately soften.

33.  Ask her to go to another bar – Once you’ve created a good rapport, this little tactic will tell you if she’s interested or not.  If she says yes, you’re in.  If she’s says that she wants to just hang out with her friends, time to move on.

34.  Shots = instant aphrodisiac.

35.  Drink a man’s drink – Nothing says “I’m a little queer boy” than drinking a Sunkissed Peach Martini.  Here’s a quick list of acceptable man drinks:  anything with bourbon on the rocks, gin and tonic, vodka and soda, beer, gin martini with olives (no twist).  That’s it.  Don’t get creative here.  Be a man.

36.  Talk about her – Most people love to talk about themselves, but no other more than a drunk girl.  Limit the things you tell her about yourself.  Remain mysterious.  Ask her questions and allow her to ramble.  The moment you start telling her how you broke the state track record in the 100 M, you will see her eyes glaze over in boredom.

37.  Don’t be pushy – Pushy, demanding people are obnoxious and the result is complete and utter turn-off.

38.  Smell good, not douchy – Don’t wear cologne, no matter how good you think Axe Body Spray smells.  A good-smelling deodorant and nice breath will work just fine.

39.  Go with a friend or group of friends – This helps you avoid creepy-guy syndrome, and if there is a group of girls, it helps to have a group of guys so socialize with.  The first thing a girl thinks when they see a guy alone in the bar is:  That poor loser has no friends.

40.  Compliment her hair – Girls spend a lot of hours and money to get their hair to look the way it does.  You noticing that effort will move you up a couple of notches on the chances-to-get-laid post.

41.  Give her a light touch – Careful here!  Your radar must be in perfect working order, but IF you sense things are going well, a light touch on her arm or shoulder can skyrocket the chemistry you two are sharing and cause her to melt.

42.  Ignore her – I’m not kidding. This is a powerful technique.  Once you strike up a conversation, turn and talk to her friends or your friends for awhile.  It will drive her crazy, but more importantly, it makes you look important, like she’s not your top priority.  She will fight to be that top priority.  Just don’t abuse this tactic or you will go from intriguing to asshole before you know what hit you.

43.  Be suave – Pretend like you’ve been here before, like you drive a Aston Martini and are wearing a gun with a shoulder holster.  Try it.  It works.

44.  Come to the bar with an attractive female friend – Women can be insanely jealous, and seeing you with her will make her think, “If he’s with her, there must be something special about him.”  Once you are able to inform her that the two of you are just friends, watch her eyes light up in unexpected joy and horniness.

45.  Be clever, not corny – Pick and choose your moments to toss in a clever comment.  Corny comments make you a dork, clever comments keep them coming back for more.

46.  Take the lead – Grab her gently by the wrist and take her to the bar and buy her a drink (or dance floor, if you dare).  All the real men seem to have disappeared in the modern world.  A take-charge guy will be a refreshing change for her.

47.  Stop apologizing for who you are – Passiveness = Pussy, and no girl wants to have sex with a pussy.  That’s your job.

48.  Weed out the “good girls” – There’s no time for girls who want to have fun when their idea of fun consists of baking, crafting and book club.  Find the party girls who are ready to drink and who like to be playfully spanked on occasion.

49.  Get her number and send a flirty text – After you get her number, excuse yourself and walk over to the bar and get a drink.  While you’re there, text her something simple like, “What are you doing?” or “Do you want a drink?” I personally think this is lame, but 9 times out of 10 she will think it’s cute and charming.

50.  Don’t use the word “sex” or “sexy” – Seems counter-intuitive doesn’t it?  But studies show that the moment you mention sex or tell her that she is sexy, the woman in question will shut down like a computer with a virus.  She wants sex to be implied without you coming out and stating the obvious.  I know, women are loco, but they own the pussy, so they make the rules.  Deal with it!

Cheers, until next time.

The RB



49 thoughts on “50 Ways to Get Laid

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  2. not a bad article. mostly good advice. and that comes from a soft skinned hot girl. wish that more than 3 people had read the tips.. and that i bump into them before each leaves with an odious troll while i’m on my next binge. do not ask how i stumbled upon this page…. (or you buy them 6 drinks, then i’ll share)

  3. like your advice! You maybe just move some of those 50 (shorten list to 10-20) maybe that would be easier for guys who need this to remember everything. Except that everything is 100% true, and like your post

    • Dear Katie, thank you for your comment. Despite my many encounters with the opposite sex, I have to say that I have never been called a sexy pig before, and though it references a farm animal as a term of endearment, I kind of like it.

      I appreciate you taking time out during your Internet search for “Ways to get laid” to provide some incite on drunken, horny women. Despite your assumption that all inebriated women are resistant to sex, I have found it to be quite the contrary, as supported with the data I provided.

      Thanks again for dropping by.


      P.S. I’m curious, is that how you and Tom met?

      • Yo nice article i am really intrigued by it. Really is a confidence booster just reading it. Ive suggested this article to a few friends also but thanks for everything!

      • If she is too drunk to properly consent, it’s not consent, it’s rape. It is the most horrifying feeling in the world to wake up the next morning and realize that some disgusting dude took advantage of your intoxication, and you may or may not even remember it.

        I’ve been to a lot of bars, and yeah a drink or two can lower inhibitions and smooth conversations. But to say “Look for the most wasted girl in the bar” is disgusting, scary, and hurtful even to read on the internet. 1 out of every 4 women experience sexual assault in their lifetimes. Don’t be one of the bad guys. Stop and think about why someone is so outraged reading this on the internet. Is this what most guys at bars are thinking? I want to believe they are not like you. If there are any men reading this for “advice” I am begging you to not listen to this.

    • Poor girl. Most women WANT to be “raped.” Not beaten, Clintoned, threatened with death, other bad things. Just forced a little. No bruises that show when she’s dressed. Then she isn’t the one who initiated fornicating. It’s a guilt thing. It’s not her fault. And not “raped” by a guy who actually repels her.

      Yes, you are a bastard and she’s a slut.

      Recent research indicates that women tend to bond to the man who puts semen in her. This won’t override if she really doesn’t like you; it just increases her like from so-so to better. Dumping your spunk in her mouth doesn’t work, for saliva is a digestive fluid, not just a moisturizer, and anything that makes it past her throat is destroyed in her stomach. It has to be deposited in her tunnel of love* that leads to her temple of love.# using a condom prevents her vagina from absorbing your androgenic (hormonal) substances. So unless you just want to flit from flower+ to flower, once you find a good one, do what it reasonably takes to keep her.

      *vagina, dumbass.
      #womb, dolt.
      +euphemism for vulva.

      • Is not one of you going to tell this guy that he is sick and that rape is wrong. That he is so deluded and disturbed he thinks girls want to be raped. Shame on all of u! This guy thinks there is nothing wrong with raping someone !?! he could have ruined a girls life because u didn’t say anything. As for you mr rapist you are really ill,you need some serous theripy as quickly as possible before you hurt someone and not only ruin their life but your own. Women don’t want to be raped at all you are believing a lie. Let me put it this way would you like somebody to overpower you and terrify you so you can’t fight them off and then take something from you that is so deeply connected to your heart ,that after wards it destroys your self worth ,your dignity and sence of ever feeling safe. Girls end up taking theripy for life and have to try and rebuild their lives because men like you have gotten your self to an mentally ill State of thinking it’s ok to do this to her.Or you just enjoy torturing women. Women feel things far more deeply then you men.our sexuality is deeply wired to the innermost parts of our souls. When someone rapes us it destroys everything about us it destroys our lives. There may be a few emotionally messed up sado girls that are ok with that thing but it’s rare very rare. That is why rape is a criminal offence. Men like you belong in prison so you can’t terrorize human beings and that is what rape is.Please get some help before you end up spending a larg part of your life in jail and on the sexual offenders list. Don’t hurt someone and destroy their life because your sick if you haven’t already. Please ! this is a very serous thing you are taking lightly, I can’t stress that enough. You need help, please get it!

      • Things went bad once in my life, was engaged and she cheated (i mean seriously, break up and not even 48 hours later she calls to say she met another guy. Woot.

        Sob story aside, the help is much appreciated. Won’t hurt to try. Though a few I can’t bring myself to do. Either from morals, disgust (both from the most wasted girl, no offence but some are gross) or can’t pull it ( I can’t dance but damn, I’m not faking a seizure.

        Amd really, consent is consent. You are responsible for your own actions and choices. What these girls are claiming isn’t rape, its regret.

        Shit happens ladies. Don’t ruin someone elses life because you fucked up

  4. You are a rapist. Not all girls in bars want sex… They are just nieve for being there and drinking around perverts like yourselves who are so pathetic that you cannot get the attention of a sober woman. Keep in mind that some of these girls have fathers, brothers, boyfriends and/or husbands who will rip your fucking head off. All you horny little fuckers out there better think twice before taking this shitty advice if you want to keep your cock and balls attached.

    • I could be mistaken, you could have been genetically made in a test tube, but I’ve yet to meet a girl without a father. Or parents. I guess asexual reproduction is possible…

      It’s called responsibility for your own actions. Don’t want that in your life, don’t get too damn drunk and jump on the first hard on you think was for you

  5. For those of you calling #24 rape: you are not to blame for some guy taking advantage of you in a vulnerable state, but don’t forget those 25 martinis that you chugged down in record time leading up to the ‘courting’ was your choice.
    You wake up next to some douche and it makes you sick and guilt ridden, that’s called regret and we all have to deal with it. Don’t go ruining some guys life by making accusations of rape against him just because your ego can’t take the idea that you are capable of fucking up.

    Also I’ve grown up in a culture where creep is any unattractive guy that takes an interest in a girl.
    Okay maybe the stuff on this list does come across as sleazy and creepy but at least us guys have the balls to do these things.

    Maybe if you approached a guy for once…

    • Well said my friend. I don’t think women know how much they can destroy a guys life. They actually have a big advantage over men in society. I believe it is partially the woman’s fault in that situation too. If you don’t want that to happen, then don’t make yourself vulnerable to that. In no way am I saying it’s ok for a man to do that but c’mon…..they don’t think anything of before they get drunk because they know it’s the guy that’s going to get driven into the ground and his life fucked up for one mistake.

  6. Great advice matey.

    Date rape my ass, if some whore downs a ton of vodka, then its her responsibility if she has deduce which one of her tall james bonds shot his load up her ass. Times have changed and feminist whores are ignored nowadays thanks to the male sexual revolution. Finally we have figured out the pussy riddle and even the cheese smelling nerd who read this blog have the magic formula for cunt. Now all men (def not useless whore wymyn) need is to figure out is the cure for cancer.

    • Go sit in a corner in think about what you just said. Really. I could explain that we would be down half our forces in the fight against cancer without women, and that without Rosalind Franklin we wouldn’t know what DNA even looks like, but I’m concerned your limited capacity to reason may prevent you from seeing the relevance of that.

      • Hey Lue, I sat in the corner as you suggested, but I’m kind of a big guy and the angles of the walls proved uncomfortable to say the least, thus I was unable to reach “maximum reasoning capacity”. However, I would like to point out that even women who fight against cancer and others like Rosalind Franklin need a good lay once in awhile, and without men to approach them and get the ball rolling, who is going to initiate such a social transaction? Women? Highly unlikely.
        In conclusion, I am only concerned for the survival of the human race and the assurance that both men and women get a good lay once in awhile to relieve the built up stress that accumulates while fighting cancer and discovering the workings of DNA.


        The RB

  7. Good advice (this coming from a girl) for if the girl wants to get fucked tonight. Then yeah, we are pretty much all the same. But if you want to continue, then my advice is to charm her, spend the whole night with her and then drive her home, but don’t fuck her. Believe me, this will gain you respect and she will be fucking frustrated trying to get your attention (if she was interested at the bar).

    Guys, if you’re going for the “wasted girl” tactic, just make sure to ask first – like, most of the time when I’m pissed drunk I love to get some action, but then there are bad days when you simply got carried away and just want to go home. So when you approach that girl first ask if she’s okay, and if you start making out, then just pause for a moment and ask if she is okay with this – not only will you avoid being an asshole, but you will also be avoiding rape.

    • Tried that. Didn’t work. Closest I got the other night was a hug. And a pissed off boss (skipped work that day)

      But she did believe I wanted to get in her pants. Fuck yeah I did, but I started seeing a girl, and between her (the hot chick) story of her boyfriend cheated on her, plus my experience with that happening to me, I couldn’t do it.

      Hate myself sometimes. We talked close to an hour about sex, if not more.

      Its bad when we both shot me down

      Oddly enough, don’t regret it as much as I think I should. Saying even if I could (fucking gorgeous, and I’m not) I’m in a relationship, and even if I wamted to I can’t. In any case, wasn’t happening with her.

  8. #1 and #42 (unintentionally) work, been doin it whole time without realize it but it works. was confused how im shy but get laid a lot, who knew

  9. This is about the most piece of shit article I have ever read. All you are doing is putting women on the pedestal. 50 rules for guys? This is where guys like you are stupid thinking women rule the world and as a result have to read your shitty post and still doesn’t get a guy laid. Do yourself a favor and drop dead, pussy dick.

  10. The world has gone mad and men with it. It’s a tragedy that sex has come to this. It used to be that everyone married shortly after high school, stayed together for life and sex was provided for in this manner. Now, it seems, women have decided not to marry early and remain single will into their 30s or even their 40s. As a result, men are forced to fend for themselves where sex is concerned.

    Unfortunately, women are so picky when it comes to men that we must devise convoluted schemes and techniques in order to win a night with a women. Want to know how to put an end to date rape? Stop starving men for something they most desperately need. I’m not saying to just whore around but I am saying to be understanding and compassionate here. Men seem to have to slay the dragon, clobber the giant, rebuild the castle and discover the lost sword of King Shelby to woo you into their bed. Isn’t slaying the dragon enough?

  11. I agree with Sakiski. This article is shit. Women aren’t better than men and shouldn’t be treated as such. Acting as though you should follow by their rules just because they have a vagina is complete and utter crap. If you want quantity over quality then just talk to tons of women as though they are on the same playing level as you are (because they are).

  12. Appreciating the dedication you put into your site and detailed
    information you present. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that
    isn’t the same outdated rehashed material. Great read!
    I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds
    to my Google account.

  13. I’m a woman and agree with most of this. But I think it’s pretty sad that men aren’t smart enough to figure this out on their own. Most of you are not too bright!

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  15. Personally I don’t know why people are complaining about how this blog is sexist I mean everyone found this on google by searching how to get laid I don’t understand why people have to talk shit when they are just as guilty great article #24 should go without being spoken

  16. Shit, if it takes all of that just for sex with some random woman (who may turn out to not even be that great in bed), I think I’d rather walk in and drop $500 for two hours of guaranteed sex at a Nevada brothel.

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