Highest-Paying Jobs Without a Degree: Where Do Bartenders Rank?

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For those of you out scouring the Internet for the highest-paying jobs without a degree, you have perhaps come across numerous websites listing their top 10 or 20 jobs that pay the most without a degree, which were most likely quoted directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) file. So let’s quickly take a look at this list (top 10) before …

Should You Go to Bartending School?

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Just so y’all are aware, this video is a 2nd edition. Years ago I had a video by the same title, but since then my stance has changed just a teensy bit (but not much) on bartending schools and whether you should go. Check out the video and email me if you have any questions. And if you want to …

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Do I Need a Bartending License or Certificate to Become a Bartender?

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There are two specific questions I get more than all the other questions combined from aspiring bartenders looking to break into the industry, and they are: In this post I will answer the first question, and if you want the answer to the 2nd question (and most of you will because you’re curious go-getters), go ahead and check out Should You …

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10 Reasons Why Starbucks Baristas Make Awesome Bartenders

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I believe in full transparency, so for those of you who don’t know me, I help people become bartenders. It’s one of the main things I do, which is how this whole experiment with Starbuck’s began about a year ago. If you want to learn more about how to become a bartender like my other former barista students have done, …

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The Bar & Restaurant 10-Step Customer Service System That Will Keep Your Guests Coming Back Again and Again

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I know, I know, you’re tired of hearing about customer service. It’s cliché and you’d rather have your nipples twisted with a pair of pliers than discuss customer service again. However, in business we all know (or should know) that it is much easier and cheaper to retain existing customers than it is to find new ones, and the only …

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How to Become a Bartender With Absolutely No Experience

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Before we dive into all the details of how to become a bartender, I have to ask you, Mr./Ms. aspiring bartender, how did you happen to arrive here? And I don’t mean to this site or this article? I mean, what has been going through your head in the past few days or weeks which has led you to a decision that bartending …