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What Should Your Pour Cost Percentage Be?

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I hear the same thing from owners and managers everywhere I go: “My pour cost percentage is fine. Why would I need your system?” Simple, sir (or madam)…because you are blind to what is going on behind your bar. First of all, most owners have no idea if their pour cost percentage is fine or not because they don’t know …

10 Awesome Novelty Drink Ideas For Your Bar

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If you haven’t read WHY you should find a novelty drink for your bar, go back and read 7 REASONS YOU SHOULD CREATE A NOVELTY DRINK FOR YOUR BAR. If you don’t need any more convincing and are ready for some ideas so you can get started creating buzz at your bar, let me share with you the best 10 …

7 Reasons You Should Create a Novelty Drink For Your Bar

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For those of you new to the subject of novelty bar drinks, they are the equivalent of a cat chasing after and swatting at a piece of yarn you dangle in front of it. Stupid cat. I own one myself (not by choice) She sits there with that superior-to-the-rest-of-us attitude, yet the moment there’s movement, she just can’t help herself. She …

how much do bartenders make

How Much do Bartenders Make?

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Or more accurately, this article should be titled “How Much do Bartenders REALLY Make” because a wide chasm exists between what they claim and what they actually make, which makes this a common and intriguing question, and one I get a lot. A bartender’s income is not like traditional jobs that have a salary or wages. Tips turn everything topsy …

Highest-Paying Jobs Without a Degree: Where Do Bartenders Rank?

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For those of you out scouring the Internet for the highest-paying jobs without a degree, you have perhaps come across numerous websites listing their top 10 or 20 jobs that pay the most without a degree, which were most likely quoted directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) file. So let’s quickly take a look at this list (top 10) before …

Should You Go to Bartending School?

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Just so y’all are aware, this video is a 2nd edition. Years ago I had a video by the same title, but since then my stance has changed just a teensy bit (but not much) on bartending schools and whether you should go. Check out the video and email me if you have any questions. And if you want to …