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Hey there.

If you have any questions at all, or you’re just feeling needy, please feel free to leave a message on my email and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

Have a great day!



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  2. Hello? So why haven’t you stepped forward and told a story at ‘Real Stories Bay Area’???! You know ME! IWe’ve moved over the WC Library – afterhours. Awesome show coming up this Sat 4/21 – 8 true stories from former hooker, bank robber, authors, etc – all stories relate to ‘TMI’.
    http://www.RealStoriesBayAreaTMI.eventbrite.com You can write, you can tell.

  3. So I am new to the blogging world and have been doing a lot of searching and reading for blogs catering to those in the serving world. Yours is the first I stumbled upon and found interesting enough to read back — you’re hilarious.

    I would love to do a link exchange with you, blog to blog. I am not sure if there is a certain procedure behind this – but regardless I would love to do a link exchange with you.

    You can check me out a thttp://psychservelove.wordpress.com. Any feedback is valuable to me, thanks for your time!

    • The Real Barman a.k.a. The Drunken Assassin

      Hi Morkee. Thanks for the kind remarks. Sure, let’s do it. I’ll go ahead and put your link up by tomorrow in my blog roll. I’ll check you out every so often and see how you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to blog about stuff outside the serving world once in awhile. Be personable and let people know who you are. People like that. Good luck.

      The RB

  4. Reading your book and found your website, looking for the resumes samples. I couldn’t find them. Although the stories you wrote are hilarious. Currently working on my 20 bar list. Great research found more than I thought possible. Entertaining, enlightening, and most importantly helpful. Thank you, ut if you could direct me to your resumes I would appreciate it.

    • The Real Barman a.k.a. The Drunken Assassin

      Hi John. Thanks for checking in, and thanks for the kind words. Check your email. I have responded there about the resumes.

      The RB

  5. awesome book! I am a waiter, but now I want to do the next step up, and experience the bartender life, mmmm learning how to pour, speed, and memory a need as soon as possible, while making my list of bar and restaurants…………your book is different to the others that you only find a list of drinks, nothing more…..good job!!

    any blog entry about how to stock the bar? inventory? those task that the bartender have to do but never you can find it in books? and maybe the bartenders dont like to do? ……..


  6. cant find sample cover letters or resumes. would love some help if you are avialable. thanks

    • The Real Barman a.k.a. The Drunken Assassin

      Hi Echnique. Yes, I’m always available. I’ll tell you what I’ve told the many people who have emailed me this question. Since I’ve written the book, I have taken the samples off my blog because it doesn’t really go with the theme anymore, but here’s a couple of options you can do.

      First option: go to Google Images and type in Bartender Resume and then Bartender Cover Letters. Click on some of the samples they have there and use them to creatively launch your own.

      Second, if you’d like, send me an email to Dave@TheRealBarman.com and I will attach a sample of a cover letter and resume that I had on the website before I removed them you are welcome to use as a template. All you need is Word. Just fill in your information. The thing you need to know most is make it memorable, creative and professional at the same time. It will leave a lasting impression on the bartenders and managers. Good luck. Let me know if you need anything else.

      The RB

  7. Hey there. I went to Chico State in 1989-1995. My name is Samantha Livingston. My husband, Freddy, who does The Truth About Bartending wants to know if we know each other? I can’t remember. Maybe I was drunk the whole time.
    Do we?
    Love your blog.

    • The Real Barman a.k.a. The Drunken Assassin

      Hey Samantha. I was there from 1992 – 1996, so we may have passed each other at the Bear or Riley’s and never knew it. I don’t recognize your name, but I was drunk the whole time too. Either way, pretty cool. Tell Freddy I say hi. I like him a lot.


      • Will do. Man, those names bring back memories. I remember at the Bear when you had to give your name for them to announce your order. I always gave them some wacky name. I haven’t been there in so long that I imagine it is completely different now. At least I know my favorite watering can, Duffy’s, still carries on, because half of my Chico buddies have moved out to NY but re-visit frequently to see Roger Montalbano and do crazy theatre stuff. Anyway, it appears that you took less time to graduate, so you are a better “man” than I.

        Take care and good luck,


  8. Loving the blog. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hey! I just purchased your book from Amazon.com it’s great. I really like it a lot it’s really helpful, I was wondering you mentioned something about creative resumes, but I can’t seem to find them on your webpage.


    • The Real Barman a.k.a. The Drunken Assassin

      Hello Anders. Thanks for the message. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book and that it’s helpful for you.
      As far as the resumes go, as I’ve told others, since I’ve written the book, I have taken the samples off my blog because it doesn’t really go with the theme anymore, but what you can do that’s just as effective is go to Google Images and type in Bartender Resume. Click on some of the samples they have there and use them to creatively launch your own.

      Or, if you want, I can send you a sample of a cover letter and resume you are welcome to use as a template. All you need is Word. You’ll just need to fill in your information. The thing you need to know most is make it memorable, creative and professional at the same time. It will leave a lasting impression on the bartenders and managers. Good luck. Let me know if you need anything else.

      The RB

  10. I like your site and would love to do a link exchange with you.

    My site is called insidedish

    I created this site so that waiters and bartenders could avoid training a new restaurant only to find out a week down the line that they’d be working all lunches, or it’s not flexible for actors, or there is no money to be made.

    On my site, servers, such as yourself, will be able to see the reviews on a particular restaurant’s working conditions even before they apply. It’s all the stuff that you eventually find out while training, only much earlier!

    Who supplies the info? Other servers and bartenders.

    So, you see, I’m really relying on industry people to spread the word in order for this to work. I’ve researched a lot of sites and discovered that our sites are a good fit.

    Let me know if you’d like to do that and I’ll put your link in my sidebar.



  11. I will like to know more about the real barman my wish was to be come 1 of the best, bt I did nt make it and I I’m a hard work

  12. I’ve Looked all over your site for the resume and cover letter examples but couldn’t find them…

  13. Hi David. Your book sounds exceptionally informative and I watched your video too. Unfortunately, I do not have a Kindle. Do you plan on releasing your book in paperback or should I be a man and get a Kindle? I’m really hoping to get a bar tending job in Chicago by the summer, but being low on funds right now and paying for school, I do not have the extra money to fork over for a Kindle. My plan was to start going from bar to bar to see if I could barback or serve at the ones that have food, but I’d prefer to have read this book before doing anything.

    • The Real Barman a.k.a. The Drunken Assassin

      Hi Myke. I get it, it’s tough when funds are tight. Unfortunately the book is only offered electronically. Getting it printed out in paperback is a bit of drama. Is there a Kindle or iPad you can borrow from someone? I feel for you. Just know that with or without my book, you can find a job if you are persistent. The book just happens to have a really good plan to do it. Fix up a good resume and cover letter and drop it off to as many managers as possible. Get to know them. Positions open up all the time. Good luck.


  14. David I completely understand about only having it available electronically. I love the feel and smell of a new book, but at the same time I am in support of taking care of the environment and this way you’re helping by not having it printed in paperback.

    I will find a way to scrounge for a Kindle and this will be the first book I purchase. When I looked up “books to help become a bartender” this is the one that pops up first and the reviews are all positive. Every other book is just thousands of recipes, but from what it looks like, you seem to focus on getting your foot through the door, landing the job, and succeeding and that’s what made me want to check this out.

    I do feel like my resume is good, but i have no experience in a bar or restaurant. I hope to get my foot in the door at a nice bar or pub, but I’m sure I will have to work at a dive for a bit or even maybe serve at a restaurant and see about bar backing after working there for a bit. Either way, I hope to own this book soon as I look to land a job and move to the city .

    I would say I am a very determined, motivated, and persistent 23 year old and hopefully I can get one of these bar managers or owners to see that. Finding a bar that suits my personality seems tough. I like to make people laugh and make sure everybody is having fun and being taken care of.

    Let me know if you write any more books.

    • The Real Barman a.k.a. The Drunken Assassin

      It sounds like you have a great attitude and personality which bar managers will love.

      I want to make sure you know that if you have an iPhone or any phone that gets apps that all you need to do is download the Kindle app and you can buy the book. You don’t need to buy a Kindle if you have some sort of device that downloads apps. Even a computer. Either way, best of luck. Keep me updated on how you’re doing. I love success stories.


  15. I will definitely keep in touch with you and you can find me on facebook too. I appreciate all the information you’ve given me and I look forward to reading this book. Take care bud!

  16. hi dave, loved your book and your stories on your blog are priceless !. My question has to do with (I know I know, you HATE them!) bartending schools. I can certainly see why you think they are a big RIP, but I am having a hard time feeling confident enough to march into a bar without some experience. Confidence, even with starting new things I’ve never done before is usually not a problem for me. So I guess that’s why I’m a bit stumped 🙂 I just think a couple of weeks behind a “bar” would make me feel a bit more confident, even if I never admitted to anyone that I actually went to bartending school.. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated…..

    • The Real Barman a.k.a. The Drunken Assassin

      Hi Nickie.

      I don’t have a problem with going to bartending school to get better at becoming a bartender. Like I’ve said, they offer value if you can find an affordable one and you will get some practice. Just don’t expect them to find you a job and definitely don’t pay an arm and a leg. If you can find one that you can afford, go for it and soak up everything you can. I believe that they can give you some confidence and they will teach you some things about bartending. Good luck.


  17. Hi Dave.

    I finally purchased your book and it is the first one I decided to buy using the Kindle app. Since I felt it would be most beneficial it was an easy choice. Looking forward to learning all of your insight. I’d say I’m already a confident individual who is not afraid to be turned down or to fail, but at least now I will have some guidance as I do so. I’m from Indiana, but right next to Chicago. It seems in Indiana bartending is occupied primarily by skimpy clad women. So Chicago will be my destination for a job since I want to move there soon and from there hopefully off to California. I really cant wait to read this, take notes, and hopefully get a job working at some pub or comedy club.


  18. I would like to build you a better blog

    I am a developer for a major University. You have fascinating content.. please contact me……..

  19. I would like to build you a better blog. Please contact me… I am a developer for a major university.. and you have fascinating content…

  20. Dave, I worked at 1515 with you years back…you and Candace were my favs!! miss you and laughing at this wonderful site. I’m glad to see you’re doing great and hilarious things. Congrats!! –Charlotte

  21. christopher potts

    Funny dialog I’ve got the same attitude running a custom frame shop and now as a remodeling contractor. For some reasom when ur the front man peoole think we’re desperate. I’ve had bartenders comp me a beer but it was only as a thank you recognition for being a frequent loyal customer not because i was a cool dude. Had one guy keep asking me at my wood shop if I coukd do work cheaper for about 45 minutes. I finally told the guy if you ask me one more time if I can do the work cheper that the price would go up. Blew his little mind but my boss had my back. Just ask them next time they’re at the suoer market and
    they’re checking out and its $184 is it ok to just pay 140 bro.

  22. Hi, I am an aspiring bartender reading through your book (which is very fun to read by the way). I came here looking for the referred to resume and cover letter samples by I can’t seem to find them anywhere. If you could shoot me the link for it I would be very grateful.

    P.s. I really love your writing, I’ve already recommended the same book to 2 other people!

  23. Dear Dave,

    I’m hoping you’re well.

    I’m from Lebanon – Middle East – and I’d like to buy your book. For one reason or the other, Kindle and Nook are not allowing me to buy it, so, I need your help.

    I want your book. What can I do to get it?

    I want it.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  24. Love your book. There’s a lot of good info that I’ve learned. BUT, could you point me to the resumes and cover letters example? Thanks!

  25. Dave, I want your book but can only find it available for Kindle and Nook. How can I get a paperback version?

    • Dave Allred "The Real Barman"

      Hi Ashley.

      I’m sorry but there is no hard copy of the book. What many people don’t realize is that you don’t need a Kindle or Nook. Any device that can download apps will work. Phone or tablet of any kind. All you need is the Kindle app. You can download it for free and then just purchase the book on Amazon.com and it will go to the app.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, and best of luck.


  26. To the blog page proprietor, can I question how should
    you deal with spammy posts? I am willing to compensate mainly for advice
    on how to tackle it!

  27. Hi Dave I bought your book but I can’t find the examples/samples about the cover letter and the resume. Could link them, please.

  28. Hi Dave I bought your book but I can’t find the examples/samples about the cover letter and the resume. Could link them, please.

  29. Het Dave!

    I am reading your ebook & so far it’s taking me longer than 30 days. Yea, I wanna bitch about it a little bit. I’m stuck on the “prioritizing your list part.” Being in NY, I didn’t realize how many bars are in the neighborhood & going through so many of them so that I fix this list is taking A LONG ASS TIME. I don’t wanna half ass the process b/c I don’t wanna get half assed results. However I don’t know what I’m looking for when I’m researching these bars. Any words, tips, something? It would be appreciated.

    P.S. Thanks for making this book

    • Dave Allred "The Real Barman"

      Hi Kilo.

      You have both a shitty problem and a great one. Some people live in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa and have one bar with three bar stools and a punching bag machine in the middle of town. You live in a city with one of the largest bar populations on the planet. On the other hand, it can certainly be overwhelming. Here’s what I would say to you…don’t make your list perfect. If you spend to much time organizing and prioritizing, very little action is taken and you spend 95% of your time researching bars which will never land you a job. If you have very little or no experience, I wouldn’t go to dive bars or bars of lower grade, because they usually have the same three bartenders that have been there for 82 years. I would stick to more corporate-ish type places because they have more turnover. Those employees are usually younger and head off to college or another career.

      And I know in the book I talk about shimmying up to the bar and taking time to get to know the bartender and staff, and it’s still good advice, but the longer you stay in one bar the fewer bars overall you are able to turn in your resume to, so you have to find a balance in between making conversation with the staff and simply finding the manager or right person to hand your resume into.

      Look at Craigslist or other job sites like Monster. I live in the SF Bay Area and multiple times I have seen job postings that say “No Experience Needed” or they only ask for 1 year experience. Those are definitely ones you want to try and get, because even if they aren’t perfect, experience is golden. Once you get some experience under your belt, the next job will be easier to find.

      So make a list, throw out the low-brow bars and just get out there and start handing out resumes and SMILE. Be personable. They will remember you that way.

      Best of luck. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help, and let me know if you land that job because I love a happy ending (and not just the massage kind).


  30. I just finished reading your book and am trying to find the resume samples on your website. Can you please direct me to where they are or provide a link? Great job on the book, I loved your writing voice and the info was top-notch!

  31. Hi Dave! I loved your video on-line so I bought your book to learn more about your world and becoming a bartender. I was hoping to review you resume and cover letter samples so I can revamp my current resume with the help of your advice, can you send me a link to review them??? I can’t seem to find them on your website. Thanks and have a great day.

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