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10 Greatest TV and Movie Bartenders of All Time

Someone emailed me the other day and asked me who I thought the greatest Hollywood bartender of all time was, and seeing as I have chosen to unearth and report all things bar-related in the industry (and perhaps occasionally outside the industry), I decided to do better than simply name the ...

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Duane the Mixologist

Hello, my name is Duane.  I am a mixologist.  People call me Duane the mixologist.  If you need a cocktail, please do not call out, “Hey bartender,” because I will not respond, as I am not a bartender.  Please call me Duane, or Master Mixologist and I will be happy ...

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TheRealBarman Goes Fine Dining

I have always wondered if being raised under different circumstances would have shaped me into something more refined.  You know, oil paintings and Persian rugs and a closet brimming with velvet?  But then I remember that I blow snot rockets when no one is looking and pour gravy or BBQ ...

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