Why is Bar Inventory SO Important? 3 Hard Truths You Need to Look at

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I know you really don’t want to open up and read this article, because if you find out just HOW important your bar inventory is, it means you won’t be able to ignore it anymore. And yes, you’ve been ignoring it. That lazy count you do once per month on your clipboard is having the same impact as those shoes …

How to Determine Optimal Inventory Levels For Your Bar

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Bar managers love their giant inventory. They must. Why else would they have $20,000 of inventory on-hand when they’re sales are only $60,000 per month? I assume it’s the variety. Like owning a stamp or coin collection. It’s fun to show off your array of rare whiskeys and Scotches to people who walk in, which for some bars is fine …

Liquor Cost Control

The Secret to Cost Control That Nobody is Practicing

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If you’ve been in this industry for any amount of time, you have at least been exposed to an insane way of thinking that doesn’t exist in any other work force I’ve ever come across. This way of thinking has become so engrained over the years into the minds of owners and managers that it’s difficult for me to penetrate the …