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The Return to Manhood

We are all aware of this scene:  a shirtless man wearing jeans and a tool belt takes a break from sanding the deck, walks up to his girl and grabs her around the waist and forcefully pulls her to his chest, causing her to gasp in startled rapture. Where is that guy?  What in the…

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Bar Etiquette: How to Keep the Bartender Happy

Occupational hazards are a way of life no matter your profession:  doctors are required to be in the presence of the sick and dying, construction workers are on the constant lookout for falling cinderblocks, Alaskan king crab fisherman must avoid being washed overboard by a giant swell.  Sure, bartenders do not walk the same perilous…

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How to Become a Bartender

THE ULTIMATE BOOK ON HOW TO LAND A BARTENDING JOB! Read below for 10 quick tips on how to become a bartender. How to be a Bartender: Get a Bartending Job With Little or no Experience in 30 Days or Less Also grab a copy at: Barnes & Noble Connect with me on Google+