Hi, I’m Dave, TheRealBarman. I love helping bar/restaurant industry people become experts at their jobs. And Jason Bourne. I love Jason Bourne.

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From bartending skills & knowledge, to memorizing recipes, to nailing the interview, these are the #1 strategies you need to become a bartender.

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In order to run a mega-successful bar & restaurant, you need great systems in place and expert management skills and strategies to succeed at the highest level.

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Your restaurant POS system should make your life easier, have great reporting, be easy to use, have great customer support and actually give you a great ROI.

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Yes, taking inventory sucks, but your bar and food inventory are the key to you making money. If you aren’t managing it and ordering responsibly, you will find yourself in the red quickly.

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How to become a bartender

How to Become a Bartender in 2021 [5 Steps]

Lately my email box has been flooded with the same question over and over which is: Dave, should I even try to become a bartender during these uncertain times of COVID? And if so, how do I become a bartender, especially if I have no experience? How do I learn the bartending skills I need?

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bartending license

Do You Need a Bartending License [The REAL Truth]?

Whenever I’m asked how to get a bartending license from someone wanting to become a bartender, I can’t help but picture some stiff government worker—perhaps an ABC agent himself (Department of Alcohol Beverage Control)— sauntering into a bar in a long, tan trench coat (and possibly a detective’s fedora) and barking gruffly at the bartender

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how to hire restaurant

10 Tips for Hiring a Kick-Ass Restaurant Staff

As we navigate through this new life veiled in the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to keep our eye on the ball. Yes, the closing down of bars and restaurants has been devastating, but for those who have found a way to survive, the pendulum is soon going to start swinging back in the other direction,

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bartender interview

The Top 7 Most Asked Bartender Interview Questions

One of the biggest mistakes I see from those aspiring to become a bartender, is that they spend so much time thinking about and worrying about the bartending skills they need to learn and all the drink recipes that they need to memorize, that they are completely blind to the most important skill of all:

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become a bartender

Hook Me Up, Mr. Bartender

The following discussion is an exchange I had with a guest years ago as a bartender. I have revived this conversation for anyone who is still not quite sure how capitalism or the transaction of money works in bars, as well as for anyone who likes the band Nickelback, as I assume you have some sort of learning

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restaurant profits

10 Secrets to Increase Restaurant Profits Immediately

There are two schools of thought when it comes to increasing your restaurant profits: Focusing intently and without emotion on the numbers themselves (which is good) Focusing on the more emotional customer side of things. The restaurant business is often so competitive that many of them fail within the first couple of years. However, one

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