7 Steps to Becoming a Bartender With Absolutely No Experience

I’m just gonna say it: Bartending is AWESOME! Before starting my business Bar Patrol in 2010, I spent 15 years pouring beers, shaking martinis and creating awesome shots and cocktails for guests who had come to my adult playground to frolic.

And in the process, I was walking home with $300 – $400 per shift each and every night. Not bad for someone who is simply facilitating a party.

As many of you know, a large portion of my business is training people with no experience to become bartenders, so if that’s you, and you’ve come here in search of information on how you can get started raking in fistfuls of cash day after day, night after night, you’ll want to check out the video below, 7 Steps to Becoming a Bartender With Absolutely No Experience.

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For now, let’s get to the 7 Steps to Becoming a Bartender (As you can see, I really like the number 7)

Cheers, until next time.