How to Memorize Cocktail Recipes – The Triple Imprint Method

Here’s a simple truth, if you want to become a bartender, you need to have some cocktail recipes memorized. It’s an unwritten agreement in which the customer assumes you know what the hell you’re doing in exchange for their money. It’s the same agreement you have with your doctor. You don’t want to go in […]

A Tribute to the Almighty Bartender

Bartenders are a rare breed, and like dogs, there are more different types of bartenders than you could name by memory. People ask me all the time, how do I become a bartender? And what type of bar should I work in? Helping you become a bartender, I can definitely help with, but part two […]

9 Reasons You Should Become a Bartender

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Let’s talk truthfully: everyone wants to be a bartender. Even those who claim they want nothing to do with becoming a bartender are lying. Like a sack of rocks.  I’m not saying they want it as a career choice, but if you look closely, you can see the envy in their eyes when they come […]

10 Things Great Bartenders Know How to Do

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BARTENDING SKILLS YOU NEED TO HAVE Do you want to become a bartender? I mean, do you REALLY want to become a bartender? Well, you aren’t going to learn how to bartend just from reading one blog post, but it will give you an an idea and an overview of what it takes to be […]

Live Bartender Training #2

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Here we go, let’s do this, the sequel for the live bartender training is out. Actually it’s been out for awhile on my YouTube Channel, but for those of you following the blog, it’s on a time-delay. Apparently. (Translation: Gotta get my shit together). If you’re just coming here for the first time, and you’re […]

Become a Bartender – Live Bartender Training #1

As I continue my quest to help aspiring people of all ages become a bartender, a few months ago I had the idea to use my bar as a sort of tool for field training for battle. Though I don’t really bartend much anymore, I do jump back there once in awhile to help out […]

Do You Need a Bartending License or Certificate to Bartend?

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Whenever someone who is trying to become a bartender asks me “Do I need a bartending license to bartend?”, I can’t help but think of some official government worker, like an ABC (The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control) agent walking up to the bar in a long trench coat and fedora and gruffly barking at […]

Become a Bartender: How to Pour Draft Beer Like a Pro

How to Pour Draft Beer Like a Pro For those of you looking to become a bartender, pouring a draft beer might seem like a simple thing to the average Bob, Dick and Sally, but for those of you who have never done it before, it might be as intimidating as getting that condom wrapper open […]

Hey Y’all, It’s National Red Wine Day…Let’s Get Sloshed.

I have to be honest and say that I’m not really a red wine guy. All that sniffing and swirling and looking for the “legs” cascading down the glass. And then there’s always that one guy at the table who has to gurgle the wine between his teeth like Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the […]

Apparently Me & John Cena Were Separated at Birth

This is totally unrelated to working in a bar, except that for like 10 years I had people come into my bar and tell me that I looked like Matt Damon, which was awesome because basically all I really heard was, “Hey look everybody, it’s Jason Bourne.” For those of you who don’t know me […]

Become a Bartender: Top 5 Most Asked Bartender Interview Questions

Not too long ago I had a bartender interview with this guy who was trying to become a bartender. His name is Brock (yep, not making that up), and this photograph was paper-clipped to the application he turned into me (without the caption beneath it, of course). I kid you not. This was his plan to […]

Become a Bartender – Speed & Multitasking

If you’re serious about becoming a bartender, and more importantly, if you’re serious about making a lot of money bartending, you’d better know how to be fast and that means multitasking. As you know, there is nothing worse than the sloth bartender who takes forever to get your drink order, and then once they finally […]

Bar & Liquor Inventory App From Bar Patrol

Find out why we have become the #1 bar & liquor inventory app for mid-sized bars and restaurants. You can learn more about Bar Patrol Inventory App by clicking here. Thanks for everyone who has joined the Bar Patrol tribe. We are excited to be able to help business kill it on a MASSIVE level. […]

7 Steps to Becoming a Bartender With Absolutely No Experience

I’m just gonna say it: Bartending is AWESOME! Before starting my business Bar Patrol in 2010, I spent 15 years pouring beers, shaking martinis and creating awesome shots and cocktails for guests who had come to my adult playground to frolic. And in the process, I was walking home with $300 – $400 per shift […]

Restaurant Health Inspection: Are You Ready?

How come nobody talks about the sexiness of health codes, with all the mold and fruit flies and the prevention of rat feces in the work place? Guess I’m by myself in that space. Nevertheless, you had better make sure that your bar/restaurant is up to code when it comes time for your next health […]

How to Make a Braveheart Cocktail

The Braveheart Cocktail: best consumed in a kilt (commando, of course), although you can totally sip it in your bathrobe at home if you’re feeling more Heffner than Wallace. Just don’t expect to battle oppression and tyranny from your sofa wearing a cloth belt. Cheers, Dave    

The Watermelon Negroni Slushee

We all know my affinity for Bourbon Slushees (I’ve stated out loud more than once that if 7-Eleven were ever to invest in a Bourbon Slushee machine in my area, I would be in at least once per day to purchase an extra large cup, along with a couple of those beef jerky sticks in […]

How to Make an Otter Pop Shot

Remember Otter Pops? Those long frozen treats with all the sugar and artificial colors and flavors you needed to give you the energy to terrorize your neighborhood all day long in the summer. Well, this is the same thing…except for adults. Who want the energy and courage to embarrass themselves at their local watering hole […]

7 Ways to Lower Your Pour Cost % Immediately

Looking for ways to bring your pour cost percentage down? You’re in the right place. I’ve got 7 ways that you can immediately implement to start lowering your pour cost percentage and increase your profits. Check it out.

3 Bar Inventory Auditors Reveal Their Massive Success…

Real People, Real Stories From Those Who Had Enough And Decided To Take Action MEET SIMON RODRIGUEZ Simon worked at the same cantina in Phoenix for 17 years until he finally decided enough was enough and started searching for another career. He contacted me about 9 months ago, signed up for the Master Course and […]

7 Rookie Mistakes People Make When Trying to Become a Bartender

This is one of my longer videos, but it is worth it if you are thinking about becoming a bartender and you want to avoid all the mistakes that I see on a daily basis from people who walk into my bar looking for a job. Don’t be one of those people. If you’re ready […]

Hook Me Up, Mr. Bartender


The following discussion is an exchange I had with a guest years ago as a bartender. I have revived this conversation for anyone who is still not quite sure how capitalism or the transaction of money works in bars, as well as for anyone who likes the band Nickelback, as I assume you have some sort of learning […]

How I Make $150 Per Hour As Bar Inventory Auditor

*(At the end of this article, grab a FREE copy of my latest book, The Bar Auditor’s Handbook: The Undergound Playbook for Earning $150/Hr. as a Bar Inventory Auditor, which shares the exact blueprint system I used to build my 6-figure auditing business) I have no idea who you are, how happy you are with your […]

All About Bourbon


Wondering how bourbon is made or a little about its history? I got a crash course here that will have you sipping bourbon by the end of the hour. Have any questions, shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you just as soon as I am sober.

What in the Hell is Salmiakki Koskenkorva?

Someone asked me not too long ago to talk about this horrible liqueur/vodka that I thought nobody drank. Turns out it hit quite a chord, as lots of people are very dedicated to it. My bad.  

How to go From Barback to Bartender in 5.2 Seconds

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Ok, maybe not 5.2 seconds, but fast stuff is so cool I just couldn’t help myself. As you may or may not be aware, the entire purpose of my bartender online course, TheRealBarCourse, is to get you well-trained and then get you a bartending job as quickly as possible, but if you’re a barback or are […]

All About Vodka

In this video I’m going to share with you all the essential facts and details of where vodka comes from, how vodka is made and some other fun facts you don’t want to miss.   Cheers, until next time, The RB