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Live Bartender Training #2

become a bartender

Here we go, let’s do this, the sequel for the live bartender training is out. Actually it’s been out for awhile on my YouTube Channel, but for those of you following the blog, it’s on a time-delay. Apparently. (Translation: Gotta get my shit together). If you’re just coming here for the first time, and you’re curious […]

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Bartender Salary – How Much Do Bartenders Make?

bartender salary

More accurately, this article should be titled “How Much do Bartenders REALLY  Make” because a wide chasm exists between a bartender salary and what they actually make and what the government and other online websites claim they make. As you most likely already know, a bartender’s income is not like a traditional office job that has […]

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Become a Bartender – Speed & Multitasking

If you’re serious about becoming a bartender, and more importantly, if you’re serious about making a lot of money bartending, you’d better know how to be fast and that means multitasking. As you know, there is nothing worse than the sloth bartender who takes forever to get your drink order, and then once they finally […]

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