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Around 2011 I started receiving more emails than I thought I’d ever receive, asking for advice and help on how to become a bartender, as well as how to run a successful bar and restaurant. I was flattered and probably even blushed a little. 

By 2012 I realized that I couldn’t just keep answering emails with long explanations, as I was missing my kids’ basketball practices and I kept nodding off at the keyboard, so I took all of my 30 years of bar and restaurant experience, as well as management and business expertise, and loaded that knowledge into expert master courses that have all the answers you’ll ever need to be successful.

All of the courses have 30-day money back guarantees because I have that much confidence in them, and I rarely get a request for the money back. So check them out, as they apply to you. They are filled with expertise, knowledge, awesomeness and crack. Except not the crack because crack is bad for you and I love you. So that’s why you should sign up for a course, because I’m saving you from yourself. And from crack. 

Are you ready to level up your learning and become an expert?

You have two choices when it comes to achieving success: copy what 95% of people do and blend in, or go the opposite direction and do something completely different than the herd. My courses are designed to zig when everyone else zags. The strategies I use replicate what the elite 5% do in order to be truly successful so you can achieve your goals and become an expert in your profession.


online bartending school

Become a Bartender - Online Bartending Course

For: Aspiring Bartenders

Yep, it’s the #1 online bartending school for teaching skills, knowledge, making money, and most importantly, how to get hired, even if:

The Restaurant Management Masterclass

restaurant start up

Online Restaurant Management Course

For: Bar & Restaurant Owners & Managers

The results for systemizing a business are undeniable when it comes to running a rockstar, profitable bar/restaurant. From green managers, to those who have just purchased a bar/restaurant to veterans who want help putting systems in place so they can grow the business, the Independent Restaurant Masterclass will transform and revolutionize the way you run your bar/restaurant. 

The Bar Auditor Master Course

bar inventory app

Become an Independent Liquor Auditor

For: Bar & Restaurant Industry Professionals

For industry professionals who want to use their experience and knowledge to get out of the late nights and start their own inventory auditing business on the side, helping bars & restaurants save $1,000’s each month. 

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