Restaurant Health Inspection: Are You Ready?

How come nobody talks about the sexiness of health codes, with all the mold and fruit flies and the prevention of rat feces in the work place?

Guess I’m by myself in that space.

Nevertheless, you had better make sure that your bar/restaurant is up to code when it comes time for your next health inspection or the consequences will be substantial, including shutting down your business.

Remaining up to code isn’t that complicated, but it does require you putting a cleaning system in place and some elbow grease.

And of course, you must know what to look for, which is why I created The Ultimate Health Inspection Guide, complete with checklists, so you can ensure that your bar/restaurant stays up to code, and most importantly, that none of your guests get sick.

To get your guide visit the Resources page here at and simply download the PDF, print it out and hang it on your wall or tack it to your forehead. Whatever you need to do to get it done.

And don’t forget to delegate cleaning tasks to your staff so you aren’t taking all this on yourself. Simply include it in the daily, weekly and monthly sidework, and dole it out amongst your minions.

Shock the shit out of your next health inspector and show him/her you know exactly what’s up when it comes to running a sanitary business.

Cheers, until next time,


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Dave has been in the bar/restaurant industry for more 30 years and has worked as a barback, server, bartender, bar manager, GM, bar consultant, and since 2010 is the Owner/CEO of Bar Patrol, a bar and restaurant management company that helps owners & managers run a more profitable bar. In addition, Dave also helps bartenders become experts at their jobs, as well as help aspiring bartenders to learn the trade and get their foot in the door and land a job with the #1 online bartending course, TheRealBarCourse. Dave can be reached at any time at: