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Yes, I am fully aware that claiming to have the best online bartending school is a tad presumptuous, risky even. Perhaps you'll be turned off by such a bold claim, or think I'm a boasting douchebag, and nobody wants to be thought of as a boasting douchebag. 

Hence the riskiness...

Yet, the risks we have taken are what has created such stellar results for us up to this point. Safe breeds mediocrity. It's because I zig while everyone else is zagging that we have such huge conversion rates from students to professional bartenders.

After all, would you really want the online bartending course you’re looking at to be wishy-washy about the results it can produce for you?

In other words, you don’t want your star basketball player to walk out on the court with 5 seconds to play saying, “You should go ahead choose any player to take the last shot, Coach. We’re all pretty much the same.”

No. You want him/her to want to say, “Gimme the goddamn ball and get the hell outta my way. Trust me, I’ll get the job done because I’m the best.”

We want our leaders confident, even if they don’t succeed 100% of the time, they are still massively effective 90% of the time.

Here’s the truth:

When looking at a success strategy, in any business or profession you choose, there are two roads for you to go down in order to achieve success:

  1. Copy what everyone else is doing, only do it a little bit better, cheaper or faster.
  2. Do something completely DIFFERENT and absolutely distinctive. Something that helps you stand out and produces remarkable results.

When I decided to create TheRealBarCourse back in 2013, I focused all my energy on #2, because following the herd causes you get lost in a dust storm before you eventually get trampled by the masses.

In other words, while everyone else was turning right, I turned left.

And I did it for one reason and one reason only: I didn’t want to be safe…I wanted RESULTS.  Real results.

I wanted my students to not just learn how to pour liquid into a glass or memorize 2,000 drink recipes. I wanted them to actually GET A BARTENDING JOB. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? To get hired and make a shitload of money? In other words, I didn't just want to make money from my course. I wanted to make something that worked. I wanted to help people!

Yet so many of the courses out there focus all of their time and energy on just mixing cocktails, while delivering a plan to help you actually become a bartender is an afterthought.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the skills and knowledge and cocktails aren’t important, and in fact I know that everyone looking to become a bartender is hyper-focused on drink recipes and making cocktails, but the truth is, you can learn how to make a full range of cocktails and shots in a matter of days. It's not that hard. Seriously.

But if there is no plan or strategy to actually land the job, bartending is nothing more than a hobby, and hobbies don’t result in making money. They result in making do-dads and knickknacks that you can decorate your house with.

Before moving on to the 5 Reasons TheRealBarCourse is Different, if you want to see the 7-step plan we use to help aspiring bartenders like yourself become a bartender, you can get a free copy right here.

See the 7-Step Plan in Action

Get your FREE cheatsheet and join up with my samurai bartender group so you can reach your goal to land a job and start making the big $$$$.

Moving right along...


This is really the only question you came here to get answered, isn’t it? There are dozens of online bartending courses, as well as brick and mortar bartending schools to choose from, and you can get lost in the sea of information out there, not to mention choices. There are so many questions to ask:

Do you choose online or an actual building where you attend the classes?

They all claim they’ll get you a job, but will they really?

This one is $19 and this one is $900. Does more expensive mean better?


Be calm, my little lamb. Everything will be alright...

Here's what sets us apart:

1. THE EXPERIENCE: I've been in the industry 30 years, as a bar back, busser, server, bartender, bar manager, GM, bar consultant and now owner of my own bar management company, Bar Patrol.  The other schools you're looking at have some industry experience, but they are mostly run by current or former bartenders who are good at mixing drinks, but they have no idea how to help you land the job. They aren't bar owners or managers.

2. THE BLUEPRINT:  Through running my own bar and helping other bar owners, I have hired dozens of bartenders. In addition, I have a large connection of bar owners and mangers who tell me exactly what they're looking for and what they want to hear in the interview. That's why I created "Interview Secrets", which are 47 of the most asked bartender interview questions, as well as the questions you should ask the hiring manager, which will make you look smart as hell.  All this is to say, when it comes to getting hired, I have the secret inside information that will put you miles ahead of other bartending school graduates. HINT: It's not that piece of paper your receive at the end 

3. THE TEMPLATES:  I don't just tell you how to put together a resume (though I do that too), I give you 10 professional cover letter and resume templates for you to choose from. All you have to do is fill in the information (which I also help you do). A professional, yet creative cover letter and resume, will put you right at the top of the list when it comes time for job interviews.

4. THE STRATEGY:  This is where we start to pull away from the herd. Nobody lays out the strategy like we do. You want to know the only real secret to becoming a bartender? Everything else is helpful, but if you simply made a plan (a good plan) and took action, you would find yourself hired before long. There are hundreds of thousands of bars of all different kinds and there are owners and managers who need to hire. Just showing up and following the strategy guarantees your success. All those drink recipes in your brain are only good for making drinks, which you will only be able to do in your kitchen if you don't have a strategy.

5. SUPPORT:  Nail in the coffin here. Game over. Nobody cares like I care (isn't that a song?). As I've already mentioned, success to me isn't when you learn to make drinks (though we cover that thoroughly). Success is when you hear the words, "You're hired" or "We're going to give you a try". That means money is coming, as well as you building experience on your resume so you can ladder up and move on to an even better place to bartend and make more money.

These are the pillars that put us ahead of the other bartending schools and courses out there. If making that claim makes me a douche, then I'll happily accept it, as long as it helps you reach your goal quicker.

Cheers, until next time.


P.S. Don't forget to scroll up and download the 7-Steps & 21 Days to Becoming a Bartender to get on the inside track.

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Dave has been in the bar/restaurant industry for more 30 years and has worked as a barback, server, bartender, bar manager, GM, bar consultant, and since 2010 is the Owner/CEO of Bar Patrol, a bar and restaurant management company that helps owners & managers run a more profitable bar. In addition, Dave also helps bartenders become experts at their jobs, as well as help aspiring bartenders to learn the trade and get their foot in the door and land a job with the #1 online bartending course, TheRealBarCourse. Dave can be reached at any time at: