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I created Bar Patrol to help owners and managers to succeed on a massive level. I only recommend resources that I've either created or use myself. There’s no hype or fluff here—just the very best stuff that I've built or found to be essential for you to achieve the highest level of bar & restaurant business success possible.

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Restaurant Management Masterclass ($497)

Learn how to systemize and run your restaurant like a pro. Includes: finances, marketing, culture, hiring, cost control, menu management and more than 25 checklists and financial templates.

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Restaurant Start-Up Secrets & Business Plan ($147)

If you've been thinking about starting up a bar or restaurant, this course has everything you need, including start-up guide, business plan, sample business plan template and a Master Financial Template.

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How to Become a Bartender ($97)

This is the #1 online bartending course on the Internet for how to become a bartender with no experience. Join more than 20,000 students who have completed TheRealBarcourse and are now working in high-volume bars and getting paid a lot to do it.

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Important Disclosure: Please Read Before Proceeding

I am a proud affiliate of the tools and services below, meaning if you click a link for a tool and make a purchase, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you. All of my recommendations are based on deep experience with and knowledge of these companies and their products, and I recommend them because they are genuinely helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I may receive. Please don’t spend any money on these products unless you believe they will help you achieve your goals. In addition, I have negotiated offers with many of these companies so you can get the best value possible.*Special offers are in red. Cheers, Dave.


Best POS Overall

Lightspeed and Upserve POS have combined to become one super-powered POS, making it my #1 choice for POS system overall. Lightspeed has advanced analytics, and they are able to handle all-sized venues, from coffee shops to large restaurants and chains.
*Click the “Book a Demo” button below to get $2,000 off the hardware.

Best Runner-Up

Rezku POS is the best POS system you’ve never heard of. With very good analytics, an easy-to-use interface and excellent customer service Rezku is an extremely versatile POS good for all-sized business. 
*Click the “Book a Demo” link below to save $1,000’s. 40%  off the hardware. Free menu building, remote set-up and remote training.

Honorable Mention

Toast POS is one of the more popular POS systems on the market. It is extremely versatile and good for small to large venues. It has good reporting and it’s very easy to use. Toast is a very solid POS system. Sorry, no current deals for Toast.

Best Order & Pay

GoTab POS and QR code order and pay system is the best order and pay system for increasing sales and lowering labor costs. It is also the most affordable POS system on the market.
*Use the “Book a Demo” link to the left to save $1,000 on the set-up and onboarding fee.
*Use the “Book a Demo” link to the left to get $1,000 off the set-up fee.

Yelp Guest Manager

Yelp Guest Manager is an all-in-one Waitlist & Reservations software that gives your team everything they need for smooth FOH operations, from floor maps to takeout features. Book a demo and get a $100 gift card free.

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Contactless Payments

This is the best contactless payment experience for restaurants and their guests. No apps, downloads, or new hardware needed. Guests simply scan the QR code and pay directly from their phones.

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If you don't have a QR menu code for your menus yet, you had best get on top of it. QR code menus are the wave of the future for convenient and contactless menus for your guests.

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Take the work out of scheduling. Create shifts in seconds, give time off, allow employees to put shifts up for grabs and pick-up shifts. It will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

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12-Month Profit Loss Statement ($29.99)
This is the ultimate profit/loss template. Track your monthly cost of goods sold and labor using this powerful, yet simple-to-use Profit/Loss template, which includes 12 separate tabs on one template, one for each month of the year. Includes monthly income & expenditures, as well as year-to-date income and expenditures all built into the formula.
Weekly Sales & Prime Cost Template ($9.99)
The Weekly Sales & Prime Cost report is a powerful tool that allows you to track both your weekly sales AND your prime cost so you can identify problems quickly and make adjustments to your COGS and labor costs before they get out of hand. The prime cost template will show you exactly what areas you need to adjust (COGS & labor) so you can make more profit.
Cash Reconciliation Template ($9.99)
Recording and tracking your daily sales is not optional, it's a requirement for running your business. This template will allow you to track and record daily sales and determine if the money that was rang in and the money that you actually have in-hand match each other. You should never take your deposits to the bank until you ensure that your cash is balanced.

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Full Disclosure: I occasionally use affiliate links in my videos and articles, which means I make a small commission on any of those if you purchase, but I’m always honest in my opinions. I only suggest and recommend products and services I have used myself and love.
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