Dave "TheRealBarman" Allred From: Martinez, CA

Hello, I'm Dave Allred, founder and CEO of Bar Patrol. I'm also a father, a husband, an author, blogger, bartender trainer, YouTube creator, Duke basketball nut and reluctant cat owner.

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TheRealBarman Manifesto

We are industry people, just like you.

We are real.

We are sincere.

We put people ahead of profit.

And like you, we are drawn to provide an experience that matters to the people we serve.

An experience that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Like you, we believe that the customer isn’t there to serve us.

We serve FIRST.

That is our mission.

It’s a simple win-win dynamic.

  1. Serve first
  2. Make a living as a result

This dynamic means you are absolutely aligned with the desires and needs of those you serve — which is the ONLY way to do business.

We respect our competitors but we are different.

Most corporations are about being the biggest.

That’s not us.

We help the independent restaurant owner.

The mom and pop. 

The entrepreneur at heart.

The solopreneur.

The bartender and aspiring bartender.

We don’t seek big. We seek better.

Better skills. Better support. Better experience.

Borrowing from Steve Jobs’ philosophy, we seek to make a small dent in the bar/restaurant universe.

A dent motivated by inspiring and creating an impact for the few, instead of the masses.

We help the small guy and gal.

And we help corporate giants.

But mostly, we help individuals who also want to make a dent.

To level up the f*%# up and kick more ass.

Sorry if that offends (I warned you I am real) 


To make a change.

To make things happen.

To be different.

If this resonates with you, stick around.

We’ll help you kick more ass.

We are industry people who serve other industry people just like you.

And we are excited to be a big part of your success.


Dave Allred